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My name is Nicole Sprabary and I am a wife and mom, first and foremost. My husband and I raise our children in the small community of Peeltown, Tx, about ten miles West of the closest point of the beautiful Cedar Creek lake. My aspirations are to contribute my writing abilities to a great cause in the future, in hopes that somewhere along the way, I will make a difference in this world.

Anyone driving through Cedar Creek, looking at gas prices or who has had to buy any gas recently, realizes that the economy is taking a hit.

Hurricane Harvey has set gasoline futures back a bit with no anticipated break. According to the New York Mercantile exchange, Regular gasoline blendstock, or RBU7(used with fuel ethanol to produce what we know as gas at the everyday pump after processing), is now showing higher numbers, just in the last week due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. That is not including the pricing difference from the summer and winter months based on EPA regulations.

Hurricane Irma headed towards us, as well as half of South Texas refineries are set to open through the weekend, makes it almost imminent that gas prices will be extremely unstable, which also leads to other markets being unstable as well.

One, almost remarkable and well known Gas station, Causeway Marina, isn't getting enough attention for keeping gas prices steady at $2.29(for the last few days).

Husband and Wife Managers of the Marina, Jeremy and Deborah Thornberry, were humble in expressing how they felt the Owners, Ken and Mikki Jenkins were responding to hurricane Harveys Punch that so many are beginning to feel around the lake area.

Deborah said she felt, "That being a small town community, it was only fair to keep prices as low as possible" making me feel she was descibing the store owners were taking one for the team. The team being anyone in Cedar Creek Lake that needs gas from a fair  business owner in our community trying to share God's message and represent what a Christian would do in times like this.

They have been reasonably requesting a $25 maximum, per day, per customer, so, "as many people as possible can benefit."

Unfortunately, competitors in the same area were as high as $2.59, they felt as though this trend would likely continue as the next tank that is purchased, will have a wholesale price of almost $2.60, a price for now, they can avoid but only until this tank runs out. 

The couple were confident the owners were doing everything in their power to stay under the average for the community as the prices continue to climb.

My wish is that our community reciprocates the love to this business and its staff for setting an example that can make a tangible difference here in Cedar Creek Lake. 

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