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Wrong Way Driver Prays for Injured Woman


My faith in the Lord shapes my entire being as a daughter, wife and mother of three. Then comes coffee.....yes. Nice, rich coffee.

  Mike, his beautiful wife Maria and two beautiful family pets Bailey and Baretta, walked away from their SUV after a terrible accident that spun the family into the ditch and rolled their vehicle before landing onto its’ side off of HWY 175. The couple was headed east-bound to Athens, TX on the chilly, drizzly night at 9:30 pm Friday, Dec. 29.

  Two miles outside of Eustace, 19-year-old Nick Allie from Grand Saline, TX and his friend Nate had just left a friends’ home, also onto HWY 175 and was traveling west-bound. The problem was that the two young men were traveling down the wrong side of highway in to the wrong lane. They were unaware of the mistake that had been made. 

  Mike said, “He was coming right at us. I said, ‘Holy Crap!’ He bumped into us and we started spinning”. He told how he tried to avoid hitting the vehicle coming but at 75 mph, it was just too late. The front left drivers’ side of Allies car slammed into the rear of the drivers’ side of the SUV, causing Mikes’ car to spiral a good 200 yards before the vehicle landed in the ditch, just missing a concrete culvert. 

  What most would suspect to be the result of the partaking of alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel, was no more than what DPS Trooper, Sam Nowell, described to be as “a mix up”. “We didn’t know we were on the wrong side of the road” said Nick. “Instead of turning right and going to the turn around, we turned left like we were on a two way”. 

  Eustace officer, Robert Cook was the first officer dispatched to the scene. Cook said he first saw Allies’ vehicle and stopped to check but nobody was in the Ford car. He then saw the white SUV on its’ side, so he rushed in to see if everyone was ok. The two young men were found checking on the woman, still in the passengers’ side with her head down, crying out and yelling. “When we figured out we were okay, we jumped out and ran to the other car” Nate said. Nick and Nate both began to pray for Maria after realizing what they had caused, after her telling them how precious their lives are and that they are miracles walking.

  Allie prayed for her safety and told her how sorry he was for wrecking her car and putting their lives at risk.He prayed that she would be able to forgive him. 

 Mike had been able to climb out of the vehicle through the sunroof, then returned through the same opening to get Maria and their pets out safely. Several individuals’ eyes stung with tears as a woman, in whom Maria later called “an angel”, draped a blanket around Maria’s shoulders and EMS checked the woman’s vitals on the ground. Her sweet pets were being soothed by the Eustace Fire Chief and other volunteers. Several helped gather the couple’s belongings from the car while Mike began search for his wife’s wallet. “Everything just went flying” he said.

  “My car did its’ job and we’re very thankful to be alive” Mike says. Though shaken, he remained calm throughout the scene. Maria was taken to the local hospital to get checked over. Bailey and Baretta were not injured; however, they may be a little sore tomorrow. They made their exit calmly and mannerly into the cab of a Eustace fire truck after everyone on the scene helped transfer the families’ belongings onto the truck. 

  What could have been done differently, we ask. According to Maria, the young Nick was uninsured and driving on a suspended liscence.  We are seeing more and more travelers on 175 and unfortunately, we’re not always sure who values the lives of others and who does not. 

  Perhaps the answer is adding ‘Wrong Way’ signs to dark areas of the HWY where it splits and the turning lane dissipates. Maybe extra light poles, in addition, could prevent young out of towners from making the same mistake…or any driver for that matter. With New Years’ Eve just one day away, perhaps simply by bringing awareness to take extra precautions will aid in keeping us all safe from having to experience such a traumatic event. Be careful out there and drive safe.

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