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Cedar Creek Brewery Now Offering a Tesla Electric Car Charging Station


My name is Nicole Sprabary. I am a mom, first and foremost and raise my daughters in the Cedar Creek Lake community. I am a transplant from just Northwest of the Lake and look forward to spending the rest of my life here. I am a freelance writer and blogger, wanting to speak truth and greatness into our community in hopes of creating a ripple of good throughout our small lake towns.

Local Editor of The Monitor, Pearl Cantrell, published a story in the Sunday, February 4 edition of the paper, showing a picture of Cedar Creek Brewery in Seven Points and the newly installed Tesla charging stations for their line of electric cars.

Cantrell cites it takes just about an hour to charge the Tesla models and the owner of the brewery states, “They called me last month and asked if I would let them install a couple of charging stations at my place. He states, “Sure, Why not’ I figure it gives another reason for those passing through to check out our stock of micro beers and great bistro offerings.”

This will bring a huge added benefit to those who have or are interested in purchasing a Tesla electric model car and have the luxury of living on Cedar Creek Lake.

Not many other places offer charging in the East Texas area, and if so, it is rare.

Tesla offers several electric models with lithium-ion batteries that a prediction was made about in 2008. They projected a 5 year or 50,000 driving miles before needing a replacement. Battery replacement listed price at the time for an 85-kWh battery pack was $44,000. Each year, with added technology those prices get better for the consumer and environment. That is not including the technology that extends the life of the battery itself and the miles able to go on a full charge.

The United States department of Energy reported in 2015, “The United States imported about 24% of the petroleum it consumed. Because transportation accounts for nearly three-fourths of total U.S. petroleum consumption, using more energy efficient vehicles like hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can have a direct impact. This not only supports the U.S. economy but also helps diversify the U.S. transportation fleet and reduce the impact of international supply disruptions. All of this adds to our nation’s energy security.” That explains pretty simply, the more mindful we are of our impact on the Earth using fossil fuels,  will help the security of our local and country economy.

J.D. Power, Cars Rating and Research, reports 6 options available with reviews from the California based company, Tesla. Edmonds, Cites, “The Company gets its name from Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, who went toe-to-toe with Thomas Edison (and won) to prove whether AC or DC was the preferred method of transporting electricity over great distances. In the same light, Tesla Motors is trying to prove that electricity is not only capable of transporting automobiles great distances but also that electric cars can be fun to drive.

The company is the brainchild of Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and PayPal founder Elon Musk. The founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are also investors. This fresh blood from Silicon Valley is further evidence that Tesla is an entirely different type of Car Company.”

Green car reports states, “In 2013, Plug in America did a study of Tesla Roadster battery longevity.  Using data from 126 Roadsters driven a total 3.2 million miles, the study concluded that the typical Roadster would still have 80-85 percent battery capacity after 100,000 miles.” Implying the percentage of battery life for the electric models is well beyond the prediction range.

Forbes states, “It’s not that consumers are clamoring for electric vehicles. The total cost of ownership is still more expensive than conventional cars, the battery range for most EVs (except Teslas and the Chevrolet Bolt) is insufficient and there are not enough vehicle charging stations to make people feel comfortable buying a plug-in. Today, in all varieties of hybrids, and the global share for electrified vehicles is still less than 5 percent. But, the tipping point is in sight, finds Boston Consulting Group, which says the trend will accelerate after 2020. Regulations will drive the market until 2025. That’s when lower battery costs combined with the growth of ride-sharing services will make electrified vehicles more economical for consumers. By 2030, BCH forecasts that hybrid and electric cars will account for half of all global vehicle sales.”

According to an article posted in the San Antonio Business Journal in late October, “Teslas make up roughly 42 percent of the 10,763 electric vehicles in Texas.” Furthering that “San Antonio will soon have its first Tesla Inc. supercharger station as part of the electric vehicle maker's plans to double the number of its rapid-charging kiosks in the Lone Star State over the next 12 months.”

Having a Tesla charging station could bring relief to folks here in the Cedar Creek Lake area who are interested in purchasing a model but not sure of the commute due to the battery lifespan. Family members visiting, who own a Tesla, now can visit without the extra-added stress of the holiday hustle. Regardless of the reason interested, be it because of reasons of admiration for the car itself, wanting to be more, “green minded” leaving less of an impact on the world, a Space-X fan or an Elon Musk fan who is in the market for the latest tech savvy car, this project brings a great benefit to the economy and future of Cedar Creek Lake.

Cedar Creek Brewery is excited about their new addition, Telling folks who inquire to, “Come on by and charge, Stay for a beer and burger.” The charging station is free for patrons and should be noted that The Brewery is the first in Texas to have a charging station and it is currently operational and ready for use!


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