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Kaufman County Republican Women met earlier this week and heard from Kaufman County Judge Hal Richards on the upcoming Bond proposal in Kaufman County. These two propositions will affect every taxpayer in Kaufman County if passed.

Approval of Proposition A and B is said, if passed, not to raise the tax rate at all. In fact, Richards extended that the following years, the tax rate should go down due to the influx of businesses coming into the area at such a rapid pace.
Proposition A, if a vote of yes comes, will gear towards transportation. It would give Kaufman County, 104 million in the form of a bond over an 8-year period to go towards roads and all that comes with the road maintenance. Richards cited 65% of our young families drive to and from the metroplex and implied keeping the flow of traffic open is important to our economy here. From rural roads, all the way to the highways.

Half of this funds from this bond, will go straight to the county roads. “Most of our roads were built in the 1950-1960’s and were not built for the traffic we have here now with our population growth.” He furthered that mother nature always takes over and the natural order for dirt roads, in the rural areas especially, tend to flatten out over time where the water has a hard time draining, furthering the deterioration of the roads to what we see now all across the county. Visible signs of this, are the potholes we see on almost every county road.

Many people in the community were questioned about the roads when deciding on which roads to redo first. Among those asked, were the bus drivers in local school districts, the Volunteer Fire Departments, rural mail carriers. The committees in charge of this projects and others, looked at, “which roads have two homes vs. fifty homes,” with more wear and tear.

Kaufman county has never seen more then 4 million in a bond so this will be new to everyone, according to Richards. In 1970, the number of registered cars went from 30k cars to over a whopping 135k cars today. The future population is set to grow exponentially, currently growing at a rate of over 4.5% and increasing each year. Meaning more people, as well as more vehicles driving on these roads that already need repairs.

Proposition B, which is also up for a vote, if passed, will go to facilities. One such project in this proposed vote, is a new Courthouse Municipal Complex attached to the existing jail facility.

Several elected officials attended the monthly meeting, which led to a dialogue of the issues that some of the departments have. District Attorney Erleigh Wiley, furthered the topic of dangers that the design of our courthouse poses. “It just wasn’t built with the security and space we need today, in mind.” With Richards adding he has personally seen 5 incidences that posed a health/safety concern to the pubic since he took office in January.

Wiley explained when the citizens come into the courthouse for Jury Duty, it is usually, “wall to wall, shoulder to shoulder.” Further explaining, that on any given Monday when they have trial, an excess of 1-200 people could be found standing throughout the day. Not mentioning the fact that inmates are transported to and from the county jail and not only walk in the same hallways past the juror’s, but the victim’s often time as well. What she described as “an intimidating situation,” Wiley was also adamant the facility would be more secure for Kaufman County citizens.

Kaufman County, according to Richards, in 1955 had a population of 30,000 people in the county. Today, the Sherriff’s department is transporting up to 100,000 inmates per year alone here in Kaufman County from the jail, to the courthouse on the square.

A new 95,000 sq. ft. jail would enable the court system, as well as the Jail system a better ease of flow for day to day business. The new court municipal building would be adjacent to the already standing jail and Richards is pleased to explain that a system like this, will have less risk to the public, add the ability to put five buildings owned by the county, on the market, that would turn into retail space. This would also enable the county to keep the current courthouse which is said to be, “A viable part of our community,” with the new space being, “built with the capacity to grow.” When asked about projections for when the new building would need to expand again, Richards stated, the new build based on projected growth and statistics, the assumption is, the new facility will be outgrown in 10 years.

“We are the 3rd fastest growing county in the USA! We are not a rural town anymore.” Kaufman county could be described similarly to the, “Eastern Part of Denton and we need to ride the wave of prosperity” according to Richards.
The current Courthouse would be occupied by the tax assessor, property deeds and marriage license’s if Proposition B passes, along with the commissioner’s court and any visiting Judge.

Information can be found on the Kaufman County website and this is what the official filing states:


“SHALL the Commissioners Court of Kaufman County, Texas be authorized to issue bonds of the County under the authority of Article III, Section 52 of the Texas Constitution, in one or more series or issues, in an amount not to exceed the aggregate principal amount of $104,100,000.00 for the purpose of providing funds for permanent public improvements, to-wit: construction, maintenance, and operation of macadamized, graveled or paved roads and turnpikes, or in aid thereof, throughout the County, said bonds of each series or issue, respectively, to mature serially over a period of not to exceed FORTY (40) years from their date, and to be sold at such price or prices and to bear interest at such rate or rates as shall be determined within the discretion of the Commissioners Court at the time of issuance; and to provide for the payment of the principal of and interest on said bonds by levying and collecting annual ad valorem taxes upon all taxable property within the County in an amount sufficient to pay the annual interest on said bonds and to provide a sinking fund sufficient to pay said bonds as they become due?”


“SHALL the Commissioners Court of Kaufman County, Texas, be authorized to issue bonds of said County in the principal amount of $50,000,000.00 for purchasing, constructing, reconstructing, improving and equipping County facilities that house justice, law enforcement, and related facilities, to wit: a justice center, sheriff’s sub-stations, constable and justice of the peace offices, administrative offices, tax offices and other buildings including the courthouse; such bonds to mature serially or otherwise over a period not to exceed FORTY (40) years from their date, to be issued in one or more series at any price or prices and to bear interest at any rate or rates (fixed, floating, variable or otherwise and not to exceed the maximum rate prescribed by law) as shall be determined within the discretion of the Commissioners Court at the time of issuance or sale of the bonds; and whether ad valorem taxes shall be levied upon all taxable property in the County sufficient to pay the annual interest and provide a sinking fund to pay the bonds at maturity?”


My name is Nicole Sprabary. I am a mom, first and foremost and raise my daughters in the Cedar Creek Lake community. I am a transplant from just Northwest of the Lake and look forward to spending the rest of my life here. I am a freelance writer and blogger, wanting to speak truth and greatness into our community in hopes of creating a ripple of good throughout our small lake towns.

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